With an average age of close to 80 years old, performers of Hondao Seniors on Broadway are redefining our perception of senior citizens. They are actively learning new dance moves, determined to get steps right, and incredibly eager to perform. Some day, we all will age; it’s time we remove the negative stereotypes of seniors and see how growing old is just as fun as growing up.



In 2012, Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation launched a new initiative called “Seniors on Broadway”. Performers of this group are senior citizens who may or may not have prior musical or stage training, but they all have the willingness and determination to learn new talents as octogenarians or nonagenarians. These seniors exemplify the term, “as long as your keep trying, dreams never get old!”





本影音來源:Too Old to Learn? Let’s Show Them! | 青春不老百老匯 | 仙角百老匯 Hondao Seniors on Broadway | TEDxTaipeiED